Challenges and solutions of parking systems

Our solution uses advanced software to harness your CCTV cameras to benefit your parking operations. Our plug-and-play parking solution provides:

Free-flow ANPR

Self-learning free-flow ANPR integrated into your parking management system

Video IoT

Full-fledged video platform to ensure the safety of your car parks and help your control room to do their job well


Video system diagnostics to monitor all software, hardware and connections


Integrated with 3rd party services, our platform makes your operations run smoothly.

“What is important? What would you improve? Where is your industry heading?”

We asked these questions from the players in the parking industry and picked up critical challenges and needs. Our software was developed and designed in cooperation with market-leading players, utilizing modern cloud-based technology. Our solution uses advanced software to harness your CCTV cameras to benefit your parking operations. Our plug-and-play parking solution provides:

Most common challenges and 6sense solutions


Cost levels are a challenge for profitability and growth

Car parks typically require plenty of hardware, equipment, software, and labor that generate additional costs from the initial ramp-up to shut-down. These costs lower the profitability of car park operations and can prohibit expanding the business to smaller sites. Many costs are tied to support processes.

Most cost-efficient and effortless solution to operate and take into a new site

Most ANPR products require an induction loop mounted into the concrete/asphalt to trigger the license plate recognition. Our solution is a true free-flow ANPR that reads number plates with tremendous accuracy from moving cars without any inductions loops or barriers, eliminating unnecessary costs.

Our ANPR solution delivers high-quality recognition with regular CCTV cameras, saving you time and money. We deliver the whole software solution by providing a cost-efficient edge computing device that saves you money on IT hosting costs. Whereas barriers are essential in many sites, barrierless car parks are getting more popular, and having a boom gate for the sake of stopping the car for recognition purposes is an unnecessary cost.


Blindfolded troubleshooting and fixing

When there is an error in a video system doing register plate recognition or which serves a car park control room or security surveillance, it is impossible to know precisely where the issue is. It can be in:


Fastest and cheapest troubleshooting and repair in malfunctions.

Our video system provides unique diagnostics and is a standard part of our parking solution. The system helps you identify and prevent critical malfunctions before users notice them and start corrective actions immediately. Decreasing downtime of crucial systems and the cost of troubleshooting and fixing. In the long run, you will be able to improve weak points of the system to decrease the frequency of malfunctions.

License plate recognition software is generic instead of being optimized for my operations

When the ANPR-based solutions became available, they got popular as they provided a better visitor experience and cost efficiency than traditional solutions. Multiple factors contribute to non or false recognition, for example, lighting and reflections, camera angles, car speeds, directions, dirt, and snow.

Operators face difficulties because recognition algorithms are usually provided as-is and do not consider the local environment. Traditional systems are ‘one size fits all’ and provide mediocre recognition rates. The operators have to put manual efforts to compensate for the weakness of the ANPR.


Highest revenue and best customer experience through market-leading recognition rates

6sense register plate recognition is built with the latest technology to ensure the highest detection rates in challenging Nordic environments. Self-learning AI generates better outcomes than static algorithms and continuously improves, catering to the local environment (lighting, camera angles, car speed, etc.).

Thanks to our universal connectivity, you can use the service with any camera – no need to invest in expensive ANPR cameras. You can also use as many cameras as you want for ANPR purposes without additional costs.


Security surveillance is an additional cost with little benefits to parking as such

Every car park must have a surveillance solution implemented to protect the property and to ensure the safety and security of the customers and employees. 

Compared to the workload and costs of implementing and administering the system, there are no direct benefits to the car park’s core processes. In addition, car parks often have varying CCTV brands that are from different eras and thus very difficult to be used in an efficient and centralized manner e.g. for control room purposes.


Streamlined and improved control room operations and security with a full-fledged video platform

At 6sense, we have spent the last two decades developing our video platform. Our solutions are now operating in some of the largest security companies and parking operators. We added this state-of-the-art software to our parking solution so that you can easily take control over all the CCTV cameras in your car parks and make them work for you.

6sense’s video platform has built-in connectivity to thousands of CCTV camera models, brands, and a vast range of recorders. This allows you to e.g. the ability to view and record all surveillance cameras in the car parks and talk to customers via an on-premises voice connection (Commend Intercom integration). In addition, it seamlessly connects with your security operator for increased security and safety.

Our video platform enhances your customer service. You can monitor and manage all vehicle flows, as well as a visual view of your premises when serving customers.

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