Diagnostics– Check the status of your multi-brand system

Our diagnostics speeds up troubleshooting and corrective action procedures. 

Faster troubleshooting and fixing of errors

Prevent business interruptions

Cut the cost of service calls

Reduce downtime of critical systems

When there is an error in the video system, how do you know if the problem lies in the camera device, camera settings, recorder, bandwidth, video quality, hardware connection, or somewhere else?

How much time do you waste investigating the root cause? How many unnecessary service requests do you make? What percentage of revenue are you losing due to business interruptions?

Device events as data source

We have integrated the different CCTV cameras and recorder brands into our platform. In other words, we can present data from the device based on its diagnostics.

For example, is the device overheating, is the video quality abnormal, or is it off home position so that it cannot detect license plates?

No blind spots

The Diagnostics monitors the video system’s health from all angles, including cameras, CCTV video recorders, algorithms, and also components in the system that can be pinged.

CCTV systems often include various hardware, brands, and models – our platform brings visibility to all aspects of the system.


Algorithms to detect abnormal patterns

Our intelligent algorithms come into play when the devices are unable to tell enough about themselves.

For instance, we compare the activity of different recorders and report via Diagnostics in case a device records less than it should or not at all, allowing you to take preventive action immediately.

Filter, follow and subscribe

With broad systems, devices generate a lot of data. Our solution allows you to follow only the diagnostics relevant to your needs.

The data is presented in the easy-to-use Diagnostics UI, but you can also send the diagnostics to your personnel or suppliers via SMS or feed it to a 3rd party system through an API.

Some practical examples of the data that the diagnostics provides

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