An AI boosted solution that automates your security operations

Whilst improving your service levels towards your customers.

Our unique connectivity empowers security companies globally

Security companies as the heavy users of camera and recording technology are definitely the most demanding organisations out there. Hundreds, or even thousands, of end-customers and secured locations require a lot from the systems. Security companies are also eagerly experimenting with machine observation to improve their current services and streamline their business.

Our unique connectivity enables security companies globally to take over and operate any location regardless of the installed camera and recorder base.

This means that all our services, including the market disrupting computer vision solutions, can be taken into use anywhere without the need to invest into new hardware. Our intelligent algorithms can detect unwanted behavior or events (e.g. crossing virtual boundaries), and trigger a single camera view to a closest guard to verify the situation. Our feature-rich viewer solution unifies monitoring rooms and allows your personnel to operate with one software even if your customer locations are counted in thousands.

Key features of our holistic Security solution

Easy to use and feature rich control room monitoring and video recording that support all major camera and recorder brands and models.

Advanced diagnostics that keep you up-to-date of the estate and health of the video system as a whole. Monitors all connected hardware, software and integrations.

Ready integrations to critical security, alarm and safety systems.

Embedded artficial intelligence that does not require new cameras.


AI features such as virtual boundaries automate your
processes, and enable you to make new business from it.

Single control room view streamlines your operations and improves response time.

Lightweight to take into use even with very large environments – save time and money.

No lock-in to closed ecosystems or vendors that limit your future options and innovation.