World's first self-learning ticketless parking system

Run anywhere with any camera device.
Provided with affordable monthly fee.

6sense parking solution

Free-flow parking access, integrations to parking management and payment systems, and full-fledged control room and surveillance all with one solution

Leading innovation in parking industry

6sense has decades of experience in serving the parking industry, and one of the first ticketless register plate recognition solutions globally was introduced by 6sense. Today it is still in the pole position due to extremely high accuracy and robustness. However, free flow register plate recognition is only one of our intelligent solutions that we provide to the parking industry.

In car parks, machine observation and related advanced analytics can increase the overall fluency, safety and manageability of the park with a price tag that beats most traditional solutions e.g. sensors, induction loops, or beacons. The critical data is then provided to operational parking systems via our ready connectors and APIs. In addition our viewer software is in heavy use in the parking control rooms to serve the park visitors in the most seamless and convenient way.

Key features of our holistic Parking solution

Off-the-shelf portable free flow register plate recognition, with self learning intelligent algorithm. Pay-as-you-go cost efficient pricing with any camera device. 

Advanced diagnostics that keep you up-to-date with the estate and health of the security video system as a whole. Monitors all connected hardware, software and integrations.

Ready integrations to parking management systems.

Turnkey control room monitoring and video recording that support all major camera and recorder brands and models.


Expand your parking business very quickly to new locations and places that have been difficult or too expensive to operate earlier.

No investments in expensive hardware such as barriers, induction loops, servers or dedicated high-tech cameras.

Market leading park visitor

No long-term commitments or contracts to weaken your agility.

Improved uptime of your parking operations and decreased costs of troubleshooting any errors due to unique visibility provided by 6sense’s Diagnostics.

Our cloud native architecture allows you to innovate and embed new intelligence to boost your business even more.

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