Edge Appliances- Computer Vision at the Edge

Optimize running the 6sense computer vision and software locally.

6sense Innovations’ edge appliance is a pre-installed computer that runs our platform and is optimized for it. They remove your burden of owning, installing, maintaining or repairing the hardware. In addition to running computer vision, the appliances also work as hardware for recorders.

Edge computing for various reasons

Applying our computer vision directly from the cloud is the most scalable option.

However, sometimes some reasons make computing at the edge a more feasible solution:

Edge Appliance Models

There are three models currently available for Edge Appliances: Compact, Surveillance, and Computer Vision. All models run the whole 6sense platform but the computer vision use case you wish to fulfill defines which model is the most optimal for your needs. 
*Estimated with 1MP (1280×720) resolution, 18 FPS, medium video quality, 4 cameras, and 24h/day recording.

Global remote and onsite support service

The edge appliances come as default with global 24/7 remote support service and next business day on-site support service. If necessary, a technician will fix or replace the appliance on-site.

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