ANPR– Automated Number Plate Recognition

Our cloud-based register plate recognition software works with any standard camera and grows with your needs.

Save up to 90%

Use any standard CCTV camera, new or existing

Close to 100%

Recognition rates, even in free-flow sites

Future proof

An affordable software platform, not a costly camera network

Leading recognition rates with standard cameras

Fed-up buying expensive ANPR cameras? Difficult to find one solution that supports both free-flow and older setups?
Our cloud-based register plate recognition software works with any standard camera and grows with your needs, no need to look for new ANPR solutions.

Visibility in poor weather can be challenging, not for us.

Our software and a standard CCTV camera worth a couple of hundred euros recognized these number plates. 

Connect with our platform and take full advantage of your existing hardware, improve your operation with our cost-effective solution.


Self-learning and adaptive

Our ANPR solution is AI-based and uses a modern machine algorithm.

It learns from every recognition, not just at your site but from all sites that use our solution.

In addition to training the algorithm, we deploy the newest version of our ANPR as part of our standard service.

Manage vehicle flows efficiently

Monitor flows in real-time, get notified of possible errors or low confidence recognitions, and correct any defects quickly.

In addition to still pictures, our ANPR provides you with recordings of the traffic that allow you to be productive every day.

Control access rights

Control access to your property with white and black lists of registration plates.

Manage companies and vehicles (e.g. tenants in the property) that can access and restrain the number of concurrent vehicles.

Integrations to Parking Management Systems (PMS)

The ANPR can be used as a stand-alone solution, but it also has integrations with widespread PMS systems.

With the ready integrations, you can feed the recognition results directly to your backend system to have a seamless end-to-end process.

Product versions to meet your differing needs


Our fully integrated ANPR solution. Provides functionality that identifies low-confidence or false recognitions for revenue protection and ensures a positive visitor experience. Our Full ANPR is your choice when operating ticketless or free-flow car parks. Our solution runs on our Edge Appliance or in the cloud.

Light ANPR

The Light ANPR is a cost-efficient version with reduced functionality. It’s suitable for car parks that use tickets. The Light ANPR can be upgraded at any point in time to the Full version when the car park is e.g. moving to ticketless or even a free-flow model. Upgrading your solution can be done on our platform. This version is also compatible with any CCTV camera.

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