Area Scanner–improved security without new hardware

Our Area Scanner improves security without new hardware investments.

99% fewer false alarms

Remarkably improved property protection

Implement thousands of cameras in hours

0€ upfront costs paid by the hour

Area Scanner detects trespassing in all sites that have CCTV cameras

Area Scanner is a powerful AI-based product for identifying unwanted movement and trespassing without the need to acquire new hardware and equipment.

6sense Innovations’ platform connects to all cameras on a property allowing the Area Scanner to be in use with any camera.

Unlike most sensor-based alarm systems, the Area Scanner accurately recognizes a human or vehicle, improving security, and reducing false alarms and unnecessary security visits.

End-to-end features to protect a property with AI

Compatible with any CCTV camera

All services operate using our video IoT platform that connects to thousands of CCTV camera models. Use the Area Scanner feature with any camera in your network. 

Whatever CCTV brand you have in use, our platform can capture the video feed for Area Scanner.

Draw custom monitored areas

Border the area you want to follow with AI.

Using the drawing tool, you can create customized multi-corner shapes, allowing you to monitor and frame the exact location of interest, such as a gate, fence, entrance, or pathway. You can modify the area anytime or create a new one.

Set a time frame for monitoring

After you have drawn the monitored area, Specify the period(s) during which the monitoring and alerts will occur (e.g. nighttime and weekends). 

Scheduling can be done for each camera individually. You can also set the schedule to repeat weekly.

Human and vehicle detection

AI detects if a human or a vehicle enters the drawn area. You can choose whether the system identifies people/vehicles or both. The AI also recognizes the vehicle type. 

It won’t generate unwanted alarms because of animals or weather conditions, allowing you to concentrate on the real threats to your security.


The detection creates an alert to the user interface and sends a notification to 3rd party systems or chosen mobile phone numbers as an SMS. Set the receiver of the alarm. It can be, for example, a security guard, alarm receiving center, authorities, the property owner, or all of them. 

Real-time security alerts are sent to the receiver promptly, enabling fast action and preventing theft and vandalism.

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