Computer vision made easy at any scale

Upgrade your business operation with our computer vision platform.

+10.000 sites. Hundreds of thousands of cameras connected.

Connect your cameras and utilize computer vision

Our platform captures the video feed and interprets it through advanced AI. Read license plates for car park access, protect properties 24/7, or count and track people and vehicles for automation and improved customer experience.

A simple subscription that you can pay for by the hour.

1 or 1.000.000 cameras? Utilize computer vision with any or all of them.

Scalability through connectivity

Connect with any existing or new camera. Pay-per-use subscriptions are also scalable commercially.

99% less hardware

Don’t invest in new expensive cameras. Our computer vision maximizes the potential of your existing cameras.

0€ upfront costs

No expensive startup cost, or implementations, use it right away.

10min training

Our computer vision is intuitive and anyone can use it.

Area Scanner for AI surveillance

Do you suffer from false alarms that generate unnecessary guard visits and costs?
The Area Scanner monitors your property with Artificial Intelligence with any camera and alerts you of trespassing. It detects extremely reliably, so you can focus on real situations, not false alarms. No upfront costs or new hardware is needed. Pay by the hour.

One platform to fulfill all your computer vision needs

Connectivity to all cameras, off-the-shelf computer vision products, and ready integrations, we deliver end-to-end solutions using the cloud or Edge appliances. Our platform is equipped to boost your business now and in the future.

Video IOT

Manage all your cameras on our platform. Watch and record any feed.


Self-learning register plate reader AI. Compatible with free-flow sites or barriers. Market-leading recognition rates.

Area Scanner

An AI surveillance system that systematically monitors your property. Improve your safety and reduce unnecessary security visits.


View the health and status of the video system. Reduce costs of CCTV maintenance and business interruptions.


Integrated with 3rd party services, our platform makes your operations run smoothly.

Edge Appliances

In some cases, it makes sense to run computer vision locally. Edge Appliances are hassle-free and cost-effective leased devices.


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