Video IoT- Connect and manage your network

Our Video IoT platform maximizes the potential of your camera assets with ease.

Ultimate control over your camera assets

Enable industrial-scale use of video technology

Computer vision with any camera

Over the years, organizations have started to take advantage of camera technologies in new ways and seek a bigger scale. The problem is that CCTV camera landscapes are nearly always scattered, where each location and brand form an isolated island.

Our Video IoT solves this. It connects off-the-shelf with most CCTV cameras and recorder brands, so you can start using them efficiently immediately, even if your network has 1 million cameras. Master your camera landscape and fulfill your video and computer vision needs.

Case AddSecure – put thousands of cameras into use for Real Estate and Facility Maintenance

AddSecure & 6sense Introduce Smart Machine Vision as Part of HVAC and Security System Solutions

Connect ALL cameras

Easy to connect with thousands of camera models and recorders.

In addition to ONVIF support, Video IoT has built-in drivers of the known camera brands and 3rd party recorders such as Axis, Bosch, Dahua, Hikvision, Avigilon, Milestone, Mirasys, Obseron, and Panasonic.

Flexible management of camera assets and users

You can easily group all the connected devices as you want and grant permissions to any user to view one or more cameras.

The sophisticated user management fits the needs of the most complex organizations, and Microsoft AD support as a default improves the IT security and user experience.

Switch on computer vision

Whether you want to detect people or vehicles, read license plates, or identify events, they are all plug-and-play on our platform.

You can activate our computer vision AI with any camera connected to the Video IoT. No implementation projects or new hardware are needed.

View live and recorded video from all connected cameras

You can choose from single-camera views in the mobile maintenance app to large security control room screens with hundreds of camera views.

In addition, to live view, you can view recorded footage from 6sense or any 3rd party recorder that is connected. Each user can have tailored viewing permissions to specific cameras.

Record everything

Our recorder is robust and tested software. Currently, we operate with some of the most demanding organizations that use thousands of cameras to record simultaneously.

It is possible to record events from a camera or 3rd party recorder feed. Advanced playback functionality to quickly find footage from any event.

Activate and manage 3rd party integrations

Our platform has numerous integrations to 3rd party systems that you can activate in the Video IoT.

Using our 3rd party integrations allows you to have seamless end-to-end processes from camera devices to actions and outcomes.

Ready integration examples include alarm receiving center systems, parking management systems, and access control systems.


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