Key features of our holistic parking solution

Free flow ANPR​

Self-learning software solution that adapts to the local environment and continually improves plate recognition rates.

Video IoT

Connects off the shelf with most CCTV and recorder models, giving you centralized control of your car park. A master tool that allows you to control devices and third-party viewing permissions.


Extensive ready integrations that aim to benefit your parking operation from the beginning without costly and time-consuming integration projects.


Visualize the health of your video system, including cameras, recorders, and other devices connected to it. Identify and troubleshoot errors faster than ever or before they even materialize.

Free flow ANPR

We developed a Free-flow ANPR software solution using the latest cloud technology. It is self-learning, adapts to the local environment, and improves the plate recognition rates. The system can recognize license plates from moving cars without induction loops.

Our ANPR solution is AI-based and uses a modern machine algorithm. Our ANPR solution learns from every recognition, not just at your site but from all sites that use our solution. In addition to training the algorithm, we deploy the newest version of our ANPR system as part of our standard service.

Our solution does not need external assistance such as induction loops or barriers to recognize the plate, but it independently detects the register plate of a moving car for recognition.

All our services operate on our video IoT platform that connects to thousands of CCTV camera models. We can run the ANPR with any (or all!) cameras in your car park. It gives you the means of ultimate flexibility to use ANPR anywhere and up to 75% lower direct camera costs.

Video IoT

The 6sense parking solution comes with a full-fledged video platform to fulfill all your control room, security, and safety needs.

The video platform connects off-the-shelf with the majority of CCTV cameras and recorders in your car parks. You can easily manage all the connected devices and viewing permissions for your personnel.

Consolidate all car park camera systems under one platform. Easy to connect with thousands of camera models and recorders. Built-in drivers of the known camera brands and 3rd party recorders such as Axis, Bosch, Dahua, Hikvision, Avigilon, Milestone, Mirasys, Obseron, and Panasonic.

Watch live and recorded video from all connected cameras. View recorded footage from 6sense or any 3rd party recorder that is connected. You can have as many centralized or on-site control rooms as you want, and each one can have its tailored views to specific cameras.

Unpleasant things will inevitably happen in your parking area. To assist authorities, it is essential to use all available cameras. Our recorder is a robust and tested software included in our parking solution. It is possible to record footage from hundreds of cameras simultaneously with a single installation.


Our parking solution includes extensive ready integrations that aim to benefit your parking operation from the beginning without costly and time-consuming integration projects.

Our license plate recognition solution integrates with existing PMS systems to deliver results in paid parking. Currently, we integrate with Aimo Park’s Taskuparkki, SKIDATA, and Scheidt & Bachmann. Additional integrations are constantly updated.

Our ready integration automatically triggers a single camera view to locate the customer. The control room can quickly verify the customer’s license plate at the barrier, ensuring the parking fee is paid. In pedestrian entries, you can validate that there is a real customer wishing to enter and not unwanted visitors.


Diagnostics is a web service that presents real-time and historical diagnostics data in a UI. It enables identifying and troubleshooting errors faster than ever or before they materialize.

The data is then easy to provide to e.g. maintenance service partner(s) to take action.

We have integrated the different CCTV cameras and recorders into our platform. In other words, we can present data from the device based on its diagnostics. For example, is the device overheating, is the video quality abnormal, or is it off home position so that it cannot detect license plates?

Monitoring the video system’s health from all angles, including cameras, CCTV video recorders, algorithms, and any components that can be pinged. We leave no blind spots.

Use the data that is relevant to your needs.

Algorithms that detect abnormal patterns to enable preventive maintenance. For instance, we compare the activity of different recorders and report via Diagnostics in case a device records less than it should be or not at all.

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