Intertraffic 2022, Amsterdam was the first event we visited as 6sense Innovations. The driving force for our visit was the numerous invites we got from different partners, customers, and prospects within the European parking segment. 

Our objective for the event was to meet with key people in the European parking landscape to advance our parking business and gather new segment-specific learnings from the Western European market. 

Throughout the event, we had discussions with all the major players operating in the parking sector and those that work in the mobility sector.

We recently released our new ANPR parking access solution on our platform. We regard it as the most competitive one on the market. 

Here is what we learned:

Use Cases

The parking segment is expanding from parking services into mobility, smart cities, and commercial real estate services. As a result, more use-cases for our solution are appearing. 

In terms of computer vision, most users are stuck with expensive ANPR cameras, sensors, and infrastructure. We received a high level of enthusiasm from numerous people and companies. Mainly about our software platform for ANPR as generic parking access. 

Additionally, our solution is compatible with any digital camera, furthering future use cases across different industries. When we discussed the logic of our platform approach, most people were surprised but impressed. 


Some people immediately went to ‘drawing tables’ and started imagining the future of ‘find my car’ delivered on the 6sense platform through existing cameras within the parking garage. We answered many questions such as: “Could we start monitoring people volumes within the garages? How about EV charging automation? Would it be possible to automate the security surveillance? etc.”

“I love the 6sense approach, everyone else is asking us to invest in expensive cameras with enormous limitations compared to what you offer”

– Parking business CEO

The discussions at the event brought us additional verification of what we had already learned in the Nordics: We can support the entire parking segment in optimising the cost of operation, significantly improving the customer experience, and enabling the business growth into adjacencies. We deliver all this through a single 6sense computer vision software platform.

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