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Capture the video stream from any device, run it through AI, and act on it right away or later based on recordings. Our camera and recorder agnostic software provides everything you need to improve your business with computer vision.

Intelligent machine observation

Turn your existing video systems and cameras intelligent with off-the-shelf AI

Ultimately intelligent machine observation is about observing and analyzing video streams with artificial intelligence to detect things, trigger actions, provide recommendations and draw valuable insight. Here are few examples of what we can do for your business:

How are we disrupting the role and purpose of video cameras?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies are evolving extremely fast, and are disrupting the role and purpose of video cameras that have typically been used only for security and surveillance. We provide you cutting edge intelligence to automatically detect and analyze video streams that we can capture from almost any existing or new cameras. As we run the intelligence in our technology and vendor agnostic platform, you don’t need to lock yourself to a few devices and service providers that are expensive and hinder your opportunities and innovation.


Needless to say that we take privacy and GDPR regulation very seriously.


Needless to say that we take privacy and GDPR regulation very seriously.

Record & Archive

A feature rich recording software for retrospect activities and to meet legal compliance.

How it works?

An extremely scalable solution that can record hundreds of cameras simultaneously. Record video and metadata, archive in cloud or local storage, search with rich attributes and watch afterwards. Our embedded intelligence creates tags of important things and events, such as safety hazards, to ensure they are always noticed and found when needed. Security and privacy are taken care of with secure log-in, encryption and AD access management.

Our Record & Archive solutions are in heavy use in the largest security control rooms, but are also very important in many other industries.


Your human eyes to observed locations. Run multiple windows in one screen or trigger a single camera view to your own application.

How Viewer benefits your business?

Built for web, mobile and desktop clients to view any environment in real time or as recorded. This versatile solution enables you to manage and control all the cameras with a single user interface regardless of whether you have 10 or 1000 cameras under your command.

Our solution also integrates an embedded single camera view to your own application. When an intelligent algorithm or system logs detect an important event, we can open a single camera view to the location so that your operational staff can verify if the situation requires further actions. This improves your services levels and reaction time whilst simultaneously cutting your operational costs.


A continuous physical exam of your video system. Monitors software, hardware and all connections in between.

Improve uptime and reduce operational costs

6sense’s Diagnosis Service helps you to ensure that your whole video solution is working as intended, minimize any interruptions to your core service operations, and cut costs of malfunctions and troubleshooting.

The Diagnosis Service monitors and brings visibility to estate, history and healthiness of cameras, recorders, any function (e.g. register plate recognition), and other critical components in the system such as physical equipment, hardware or software integrations.

The diagnoser does not need any agents or configurations but is a turnkey solution that you can have as an additional functionality.

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