A lot of good things have happened in our company this year. We hope that you have noticed our rebranding from ASANtech to 6sense Innovations. In addition to changing our brand, we have doubled our team and added new talents, gained new customers, and are heavily investing in R&D to release entirely new products that will benefit our customers in a completely new way. Moreover, we have made decisions that will change our business and how we plan to provide services to our customers in the future. These changes require action or at least some evaluation from our customers.

Changes that require action from our customers

We have decided to discontinue selling hardware (CCTV cameras and servers). With more effort and focus on developing and delivering world-class software solutions. By focusing on our customers, we can provide them with more value than ever before. We will still consult with our clients regarding suitable hardware options and, if needed, direct them to relevant wholesalers.
We have changed our commercial model from selling perpetual one-time software licenses into offering our products as subscription-based solutions with a recurring fee (monthly-annually). Our pricing structure has changed. Our new prices are based on variables such as the number of cameras connected or car park lanes.

We have packaged our existing and new software products into solutions. It is no longer possible to purchase individual products such as a Recorder or XLPR. New solutions are “Core Security Solution” and “Free-Flow Parking Solution”, consisting of many existing and newly released products and features.

Support, maintenance and software updates are an inseparable part of our solutions. It’s our objective to ensure that all our clients have the latest features and improvements in use, and for us to serve our customers with higher quality and consistency.

We harmonize the product versions we offer and support to cover only the newest versions. Extension to existing installations are available until 31.3.2022, and support for old product versions (see table below) is possible until 30.6.2022.

These are big changes that together enable 6sense Innovations to provide our customers more added value than ever before.

Moving to new solutions requires only the following steps:

Frequently asked questions​

If you have any questions that are not answered below, please contact us by sending an email to sales@6si.ai or contact our commercial lead Roni Westerling (roni@6si.ai).

In short, buying and selling individual pieces of software as perpetual licenses is inefficient and problematic for our customers and us as service providers. In addition, the concept of perpetual software licenses fits quite poorly for continuous innovation and delivery of new features. The new model enables better products and services. Our customers have requested end-to-end solutions and a more convenient way to acquire our services. Fundamentally, the change(s) is a response to these requests.

Another important reason is that one-time software deliveries are updated rarely, creating an increased information security risk for our customers. In the future, support, maintenance, and software updates are always included in the solution and are inseparable from the software. By doing this, we ensure that our customers have the newest information and security improvements in use.

Our new solutions provide new functionalities and improvements that bring you added value. These functionalities are only available with the new solution. Compared to the old products, you will enjoy more value for money. In addition, we are constantly releasing new innovative add-on services that are all accessible in the subscription model. These innovations include, for example, virtual area monitoring for security and safety purposes, people-flow analytics, or artificial intelligence-powered parking management.

We cannot stress enough the importance of information security. In our new service-based model, all security updates are automatic.

We provide our services as packaged solutions, but our customers can freely choose which functionality they use.

Perpetual base licenses have been replaced by the new solutions on offer as subscription-based services. To acquire the new solution, contact our sales (sales@6si.ai).

After 30.6.2022, no support for old software versions (see table) is available before the software has been upgraded to the new solution.

I have an offer(s) out where I have quoted ASANtech’s existing software versions, but they will materialize only later. Do the changes touch these as well?

If you have open offers, contact our sales (sales@6si.ai). It is good to note that sublicensing our services will always require a valid reseller agreement.

As with all software that can be acquired as a service, using the support is voluntary, but becomes increasingly important if the solution is not working as intended, or you would like to know more about our software and how to get the most out of it. Support and maintenance are always an inseparable part of the package, our support is always there to help! System updates need to be done once a year.

Our standard support includes 1-3 tier user and technical support. A more detailed description and SLA’s are delivered to our customers by request.